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ECC 2018 Lisboa is under way! The Executive Committee visited Lisboa, checking pitches, venue spots and hotels.
All is being taken care by Lisboa OC and its looks like another fabulous tournament on the way!

Thanks Virgilio, Fernando, Nuno and Joao for your hospitality.




























The EC met Madrid OC for the 2017 ECC draw at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium!
Here it is:



On behalf of the ECC family, we would like to express our solidarity and deepest sympathy to everyone affected by the tragic event with the brasilian team Associação Chapecoense de Futebol.

The Executive Comitee.





       1-6 MAY 2017

  • ECC Madrid webpage is up and running! Click the logo above or under Links, on the right!!
  • The Executive Committee visited Madrid, checking pitches, venues and accommodation!IMG_8535 IMG_8542IMG_8472IMG_8500IMG_8554IMG_8489__________________________________________________________

ECC 2016 Reims


On behalf of the Executive Committee (EC) and all participants, we’d like to thank the Organizing Committee – Reims,  for another successful tournament!
Thanks and Congratulations!
The EC



The EC



The Executive Committee regrets to inform that our good colleague and friend Pavel Kuklik, from team Prague, is no longer with us.
Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and himself.
R.I.P. Pavel!

Pavel Kuklil


ECC 2016 Reims is on the run! Please check their website under links!

May 30th – June 4th



ECC 2015 Barcelona/Salou

On behalf of the Executive Committee (EC) and all participants, we’d like to thank the Organizing Committee,  for such a brilliant and successful tournament!
The EC

final ranking salou


Draw, ECC2014 Oostende

The Executive Committee visited Oostende for the ECC2014 draw, pitch and venue checks.

Thanks to the OC for their warm welcome and availability. ECC2014 is upon us and they have been doing a great job! All is taken care off, so, a great tournament awaits us.

Welcome Party

Welcome Party site

Oostende Beach

5min walk from the Hotels

Farewell party

Farewell party

Farewell party venue site

Meeting, lunch break

The OC premissed a week of sunshine in May! Don’t worry!

Draw board!

Get ready for some very good beer!


ECC 2013 Dublin

The captains meeting Minutes will be published soon. Although here are a couple of decisions from that meeting:

  • Barcelona Team will held the 2015 ECC tournament at Salou-Tarragona, east coast of Spain, 110km south of Barcelona.
  • The Executive Committee was elected by team captains for the period 2013/2016,  out of seven applicants, there were four reelections and one new element. Here is the new EC:
    From left to right:
  • Samuel Brooks – President
  • Marco Tavares – EC Manual, webmaster, Facebook admin
  • Cornelia Klee – Treasurer
  • Paul Joules – Secretary
  • Andrea Quercia


ATTN to all Team Captains:
All are reminded that the selection of the teams for the tournament is based on when the money arrives in the OC’s bank account. It is not decided on when you send the money. Please remember that international bank transfers can take up to 10 working days to complete and if you are late in sending the money  there is a chance that you might not be able to compete. If you want to play you have to pay.

18th-20th May 2012
The EC visited Dublin, the location of the 2013 ECC tournament, to check accommodation and facilities and to assist the OC.

Hotel – The OC is planning to use one single hotel for all the teams. Bewleys Hotel is located near Dublin airport.
Pitches – Only a few minutes away from the hotel, Athletic Union League complex was found to be of high standard by the EC. Very good pitches!
Transport – Shuttle buses from airport to hotel and pitches. Possible shuttle service to downtown Dublin.
Welcome and Farewell party’s – The EC found both to be adequate.


ECC 2012 Prague

“On behalf of the EC I would like to thank individually each member of the OC who participated to make the 45th ECC such a great event.
Thanks a lot and congratulations to all it was awesome”
EC President
Samuel Brooks

The EC visited Oostende, the location of the 2014 ECC tournament, to check accommodation and facilities and to assist the OC.

Oostende3 oostende2




  • It has been noted during the course of recent tournaments that incidents of misconduct have increased. The EC is not prepared to accept this and
    where necessary an EDB will be formed and action will be taken.
    Action can include the expulsion of a player or team from the current and subsequent tournaments for serious breaches of behavior!


ECC 2012 Prague, EC check and draw

  • The Executive Committee attended competition draw, on the 25th February.
Roma FCO
New York
Faro/St. Maria/Porto
Paris CDG
Aix-en Provence
Prague PRG

ECC 2012 Prague

  • Captain’s Meeting, ECC 2012 PRAGUE:  if any Team has something that they want to discuss, in order to be added into the minutes, at the Captains Meeting then please send it to the EC Secretary. The minutes for the CM will be sent out no later than 2 weeks before the ECC. Any motions after this date will have to brought up under AOB.

Team Dublin  for ECC2013 !

  • Team Dublin is the OC for ECC2013. It will be held from May 13th – 18th

The Executive Committee visited Prague for for the DRAW!
Check News or ECC2012 Prague webpage

Attention Teamleaders: 2nd payment ECC Prague from 10.2 to 28.2.2012

  • The ATC family, the Executive Committee in particular, would like to thank ROMA OC for the fantastic 2011 Tournament. Thanks guys!
  • At the CM in Roma, captains decided

Bordeaux tournament PHOTOS!

ECC Bordeaux 2010 raised €1200 Euros for charity

  • In Bordeaux, the OC was able to raise 1200€ for charity. This money was given to “Les Fées Bleues” and “Aladin”, associations taking care of sick children in Bordeaux hospitals.
  • Thanks to all generous donors!


JUN 2010

  • At the Captains Meeting 2010 (Bordeaux) by EC’s proposal, the captains decided to elect Mr. Allan Beattie, for his outstanding 12 year service and contribution to the ECC,  Honorary Life President of the ECC
  • The EC is thankful to Rory McDonough for his service with the board over the last 6 years, as the Secretary. His hard work and efforts over the years helped to make our tournament better for all concerned. Thanks Rory.

April 22nd 2010

Please see the ECC2010 website for changes to the groups.
The ECC is very nearly upon us, if any Team has something that they want put into the minutes for the Captains Meeting, then please send it to asap. The minutes for the CM will be sent out no later than 2 weeks before ECC 2010, any motions after this date will have to brought up under AOB. Furthermore, please remember about the elections for the ECC board are due this year, Team Captains are asked to consider putting themselves up for election. The only way the ECC can improve is if people come up with new ideas.

See you all in Bordeaux, Inshallah!
February 21st 2010

The playing schedule has changed due to Team New York unfortunately having to withdraw from the Bordeaux tournament. Team Albania have replaced Team New York in group B and the rules remain the same for teams in group B as designated below.

February 8th 2010

The new manual January 2010 is now available under the downloads section. All teams in Groups B and G are reminded that any bookings/sending offs in the friendly matches against Kazakhstan and Albania will count towards the tournament, this is in accordance with FIFA regulations.

The elections for the Executive Committee are due in Bordeaux, Captains are asked to consider putting themselves up for election and remember that all nominations must be in writing and handed to the Executive Committee BEFORE the start of the Captains Meeting. This can also be done via e-mail. Only one representative is permitted per team to allow fair representation of all teams. Nominees for the Executive Committee must attend the Captians Meeting, failure to do so means their nomination is null and void.

February 2nd 2010

Team Prague have informed the ECC Board that they are putting together a bid to host ECC 2012 in Prague. More details will be available at the Captains Meeting in Bordeaux.


Group A Group B Group C Group D
Paris Budapest Sofia London
Bremen Aix-En-Provence Russia Reims
Tampere Brindisi Dublin / Shannon Warsaw
Zurich Corfu Dusseldorf Iceland / Stavanger
Padua Kiev Madrid Romania
Lisbon Albania* Athens Munich
Group E Group F Group G Group H
Vienna Rome Paris – CDG Bordeaux
Skopje Frankfurt Minsk Maastricht
Brest Zagreb Brussels Milan
Canarias Nice Prague Schiphol
Norway / Copenhagen Faro – Santa Maria Karlsruhe Barcelona
Belgrade Moscow Kazakhstan*

You will notice Team Kazakhstan and Team Albania in Group B and G. Team Kazakhstan and Team Albania have requested to attend ECC 2010 which the OC from Bordeaux have kindly agreed to. They may then apply for membership to start their journey with the rest of the ECC family. All results against both teams will not count towards final Group placings, every match will be played as a friendly. After the Group stages Kazakhstan and Albania will play matches against teams that have been knocked out of their respective competitions, i.e. Main, Plate and Vase as will be decided by the OC, team captains, Kazakhstan and Albania. We hope you extend a warm welcome to our colleagues next year.

8th Dec 2009

Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year to everyone. A question, who won the W Anchor trophy in 2006 please??…

28th October

43 teams replied to the Executive Committee regarding the hosting of ECC 2011 in New York. Unfortunately there was not enough support for this event therefore ECC 2011 will take place in Rome subject to an inspection by the Executive Committee. We would like to thank Mike Lo Faso for all his hard work and effort in bringing together a bid to host the ECC in the USA.

11th Sept

All Team Captains have been sent the information regarding ECC 2011 in New York. Team Roma also put in a bid for 2011 but said they did not want to compete with New York and would be happy to host in 2012. New York have a minimum number of participants they require to allow them to host the ECC, if you do not advise the Executive Committee of your decision regarding attending in New York then there is a possibility that there will be no ECC in 2011. Advise us as soon as possible.

8th June

During the Captains Meeting in Castellon, Cristian Coravu from Bucharest objected to the Executive Committee’s decision to change the team name to Team Romania. The evidence to justify our decision has been prepared and will be sent to all team Captains over the next few days. Hotmail will only allow me to send 250 e-mails per 24 hrs and there are approximately 1500 e-mails to send. You will all receive the information, including the evidence from Cristian Coravu to validate why he thinks we were wrong, within the next 3-5 days. Thank you for your patience.

27th April

The link for ECC 2010 is posted below, the site is under construction but please keep checking it for information updates!

Also, please remember the following, a red card means a one match ban, a second red card for the same player in the same tournament means they are banned from the rest of the tournament. Two yellow cards in different games for the same player also means they must serve a one match ban, the result for playing a banned player is exclusion from the ECC, ignorance is no excuse.

Lastly, please remember to bring ATC identification to the ECC, teams will be checked for valid I/D and also the Executive Committee can check the validity of any player at any time if there is doubt about their ATC credentials.

4th Nov

The Executive Committee would like to draw attention to teams that stay for extra nights at ECC tournaments either before the event, after it or both.

The tournament costs are for 5 nights accomodation, Mon-Fri only, any other nights must be paid for over and above tournament costs. For ECC 2009 this must be paid locally at the time.

21 August

Yesterday each team was sent a report from ECC 2008 and also a letter from the Madeira Government regarding the Final Party. Two e-mail addresses failed so could the team representatives from Corfu and Amsterdam please send a correct e-mail address to the webmaster to update the records and to allow us to send you information. Thanks

ECC 2009 website now available! the link is in the blogroll section.  Please be aware of the payment dates for next year. The first payment is due by 15th October and the draw will take place shortly after this date. Remember the rules, if you want to play you have to pay.

Could all teams please send a current postal address for their team to the webmaster, thanks.


This section contains links to other ATC events and sites that may be of interest to Controllers. If anyone has sites that might be of interest to ATC please e-mail the webmaster with the address.